Alakh Verma is working with Oracle Corp,based at  Redwood Shores ,CA and  evangelizes Cloud,Social and Mobile business. Alakh Manages outbound Product Strategy for Oracle’s Enterprise 2.0 solutions that comprise of WebCenter  Portals, Enterprise Content Management(ECM),Sites and Oracle Social Network.

Alakh is working with KPMG,PwC and IBM and leading Regional Partners to establish Thought leadership in Cloud,Social and Mobile solutions.

“Alakh is a charismatic business leader with deep insights and passion for leveraging technology for customers’ success. I have found his strong experience in product management to be a great source of motivation for creative business and technology campaigns with partners. His creativity and visionary thinking combined with his understanding of the ecosystem and a helping attitude enables him to quickly establish rapport and inspire trust of his business partners. Alakh is fun to work with and will be a great asset in senior ranks of any technology organization.” December 1, 2009

1st Sanjiv Taneja, Vice President, Encounter Test, Cadence Design Systems


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