If content is the king then Portal is the queen

If content is the king then Portal is the queen

Alakh Verma,Director,Product Management,Oracle

World Wide Web (WWW) was conceived as a tool by Tim Berners-Lee which created and gathered knowledge through human interaction and collaboration. Web 1.0 came as merely a presentation web with static HTML pages of information. Web 2.0 then gradually advanced towards online participation in content creation and social interaction like e-commerce, e-service, and content strategy which is all aspects of the “Transactional Web” using social media like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn etc. We are now transitioning into Web 3.0 that was first defined by Dakota Reese Brown as “The Contextual Web.” Content and Context will now be extremely significant in determining what content we need and with whom we need to collaborate in social business.

It is estimated that by 2020, there would be 4 billion people will be online; 31 billion connected devices, 25 million applications, 1.3 trillion sensors/tags and 50 trillion gigabytes of content created in networked society. So, we are moving in the world where content is going to be the king and help determine the success or failure of any business. Web content has changed and so is web content management. During last decade, we focused on making it easier and more powerful for non-technical people to move content from their desktop to their web site and helped the enterprises with powerful workflows, approval processes and the ability to integrate with other enterprise tools and applications. Next decade would be more focused on providing web experience or customer experience management on the web. And Content and Portal would remain at the center stage as evolve  into new era of computing.

The explosive growth of content and more specifically unstructured such as videos on YouTube, photos and chat messages on Facebook and emails have given birth to yet another evolutionary paradigm of big data management as we enter the year 2012. As Content remains the king, it is paramount to store, manage, archive and retrieve from the unified repository and Oracle content 11g does it all seamlessly. Customers have started seeking pleasant web experience with their transactions and businesses need to offer robust Customer engagement platform to meet that. 

Content is the King

As content is the king, Web portal or public portal (defined by webopedia) that refers to a web site or service that offers a broad array of resources and services, such as e-mail, forums, search engines, and online shopping malls seems to be the queen to render the context based content from the unified repository from any source on the web to complement each other. Without sound portal framework, users would not be able to get the right content in the context of their business in real time to execute their transaction.



Portal is the Queen

For example, if any customer visits BestBuy on their web portal for getting any product information leading them to subsequent sales transaction, first thing they would look for a context based search interface that would help the visitor to provide the relevant content. The portal interface should also provide the similar other products or recommended products based on other user feedbacks and ratings. Also quick references and recommendations with an option to verify via chat/email become almost convincing to the prospective buyer to make decision.

Interestingly, technologies such as Oracle WebCenter Portal and Sites offer these capabilities and help portal to be the queen in our Web based business transactions and compliment Web Content management in the overall customer experience management.


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